Jess + Justin

A Turnip Rose Wedding

Jess and Justin reveled in the serenity of Big Sur as they commemorated their first wedding anniversary. Amidst the rugged cliffs and the calming rush of the ocean below, they found themselves reliving the enchantment of their most cherished day. Walking along the coastline hand in hand, the memories flooded back—the vows spoken, the laughter shared, and the promises made. As they watched the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of amber and rose, they were immersed in the magic of their enduring love, grateful for this moment to celebrate and reaffirm the depth of their bond in this breathtaking setting


Absolutely thrilled with the exceptional work by Enchanted Symphonie! Their artistic vision and attention to detail truly captured the essence of our special day. The footage was stunning, impeccably edited to highlight the most heartfelt moments, and set to music that perfectly encapsulated the emotions of each scene. Their professionalism and unobtrusive presence made everyone feel at ease, allowing for candid and genuine shots.


Don Ryan Sision @donryanphotography