Selah + Serkan

A La Mirada

Selah and Serkan embark on the beautiful journey of marriage. Surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere, witness their vows of commitment and promises of a lifetime together. The ceremony will be adorned with joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments as two hearts become one. Share in the magic of this special day with family and friends, and let the love story of Selah and Serkan unfold in a union that promises to be filled with happiness and everlasting love.


Gerald was an amazing videographer! We added few clips for our SDE (Same Day Edit) video and could not be more pleased with that decision. Watching those videos just take us back to the moment and we feel like we're re-living it all again. Gerald was also just easy and fun to work with. He was very accommodating with our requests and we truly appreciate that!


Don Ryan Sision @donryanphotography

LA MIRADA @lm_golfcourse